Another quarterly. Do litzines publish on any schedule other than quarterly? It doesn’t really matter. Stuff like solas is worth waiting for. The latest update to solas (meaning enjoyment) comprises just two short stories and a handful of poems, but we’re talking great material here. The story Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, by a writer named Anjana Basu who is based in Calcutta (!), is particularly evocative. Likewise, Ben Ohmart’s poem Freaking Me Out Over the Phone is about the best page of verse I’ve yet come across on the web. Lit-sites seem to understand better than anyone else that clean, elegant layout is the way to go in web design, and solas is exemplary in this respect. The few graphic elements which are used are attractive and well-rendered, but they always get out of the way of the words as soon as possible. This is as it should be. (DW)

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