Queen of the Universe

Tangible and not at all tentative is the first issue of Queen of the Universe. Nettie promises “the day to day trials of a self obsessed 27 year old gal” with “lots of pop culture” and she totally delivers. Highlights include the regular Asshole feature that cuts up a celeb – in this case the loathsome Bryan Adams – plus “I Was a Record Store Ho”, and Nettie’s dream that mixes sit-com personalities with long-lost high school chums. Nettie is self-effacing in that clever way I will always associate with my slacker peers, the kind of people who give vent to their most innermost feelings only while discussing their love for Crispin Glover. (HN)

zine, #1 / main creator: Jeanette Ordas / $1 / 1340 Woodland Dr., Vancouver, BC, V5L 3S3

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