Okay, look. The first poem of the present collection at Pyrowords is a sonnet by the president of the Oxford University Poetry Society. That’s got to tell you something, right? Let’s skip the preliminaries. This may be the best poetry site on the web. The contributors are not idle scribblers, but hard core lingual coders from all over the planet. According to the submission guidelines, the site accepts short fiction, novel excerpts and non-fiction articles as well, but it’s poems which hold the place up. Love poems just at the moment. Check out the collaborative piece “Where are you?”, which consists of short stanzas contributed by a bunch of different poets who appear elsewhere on the site. And the beauty of the place. Damn. All those commercial sites out there that cost half a million bucks to build should look this good. This is as close to art in web design as I have yet seen. Look, put down the magazine. Read the rest of these reviews later. Go find a computer and check this one out. (DW)

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