Fast Grounded

If you like to do things at a tortoise pace, Fast Grounded might make you stand still completely. The apparent jibberish and haphazardly placed numbers in this chapbook might make your mind implode. And, yes, it might take you five minutes to try to decipher what “fifteelds” means. Yet, when you cross the finish line and read the finely-printed epilogue, you will discover that this is a pocket-sized saga written for speed readers. Re-reading all 540 pages (handily condensed into seven) will allow your imagination to piece together the snippets of story about the “ambiguous relationship between a man and a woman in a disintegrating society.” It is the essential portable mental massager. Abstly brllnt. (Brit Weaver)

Chapbook, Big Dada, 4426 Island Highway South, Courtenay, BC, V9N 9T1, [email protected], $7