Reddy 4 Danger

This is an odd, short minicomic zine. I fear the use of corrugated cardboard for the cover is the most interesting aspect. At 16 black-and-white pages, the $5 price-tag seems exceptionally high, especially when you consider that a third of that is dedicated to a pixely, slow-motion comic of feet on a swing, a plane in the air and a skydiver. The rest of the zine is comprised of a wordless comic involving a girl jumping into a pile of leaves and encountering a sort of giant rabbit/dinosaur hybrid. It’s never clear what the goal is with these comics.

The artwork of the second story “Fall” would lead you to expect a humour comic, yet the story is too confusingly-told for us to know what exactly we should be laughing at. Suffice it to say, the artwork is poor and the writing is worse. (Harley R. Pageot)

Minicomic, Raphael Capalad & Denise Kwan,, $5