Ted Bear in Bare Season

It’s hard not to feel bad for poor Ted Bear. From a tragic childhood, to a shitty adolescence and an even worse adulthood, he’s never caught a break — especially with the ladies from both his and other species. Bare Season tells the tale of Ted’s largely unsuccessful attempts to get laid in a manner that’s both grotesque and hilarious. Nerino’s art is one of the high points with a style rooted in animation and a great design of the many animal characters (the multiple saggy breasts on a raccoon are a must-see). The addition of very detailed human-like hands to all the characters (even the character of Sam the fish) is a nice disturbing and surreal touch.

Bare Season is what happens when an ’80s teen sex comedy crosses paths with madcap anthropomorphism a la Ren & Stimpy. Nothing too deep here, but it’s a whole lot of fun, which is often more important anyhow. (Matthew Daley)

Mini Comic, Vicki Nerino, vickinerino.com, $5