The Royal Historian of Oz

The search for the Emerald city never ends, even in a post-2050 world, the setting of The Royal Historian of Oz. This philosophical comic book portrays Jasper Fizzle’s quest for truth — the truth about the existence of the land of munchkins and flying monkeys — a quest that alienates his son, Frank. The cartoon fantasy pulls at our own curiosities about our existential purpose as well as the dynamism between a father and son living in a not-so-distant “broke-down and weary future.” Frank wants societal acceptance and Jasper wants to seek a deeper, alternate-dimensional meaning to life (with the Oz collectibles to prove it). These are the foundations of a story that, if it continues, will undoubtedly explore the yellow-brick road of life in general. (Brit Weaver)

Comic, Tommy Kovac and Andy Hirsch, SLG Publishing,, $1