Zine Review: City of Maps: Navigations in Paris, France


City of Maps: Navigations in Paris, France
Travel zine, Delphine Bedient, [email protected], sincerelyanalog.com 

If you could translate the ideal romantic assumptions of the city of Paris into zine form, City of Maps: Navigations in Paris, France could be a strong contender.

Reading through the cleanly placed type, printed on tracing paper, you accompany the author as she ventures into off-beat Parisian spots and shares their coolness. We learn that she used hand-drawn maps to navigate the city. The smartphones were left behind and it was okay if she got lost. These maps are included within the zine, and the intimacy of her experience is further created with each copy’s unique hand-drawn cover image in blue and red ink.

This compilation serves as a useful and pretty little city guide for those who see a place like Paris, full of history and beauty, as not something to be discovered through a screen but perhaps more appropriately through hand-drawn maps and memories. (Rekha Tulsiram)

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