Zine Review: Ginger Binge

ZINES_Ginger Binge

Zine, Annie Soga, 44 pages, studiumpuctumshop.com, [email protected], $4 

Annie caught a cold on the eve of a trip to Austin, Texas; a place where drinking beer on a daily basis was the norm. Too congested to imbibe herself, she kept up with her gang by ordering different ginger ales and ginger beers everywhere she went. This made her feel sort of like she was drinking booze while also offering much needed relief to her phlegmy throat. Annie realized that ginger drinks come in a wide range of prices, flavours, and quality, so she started the project Ginger Binge— an authoritative and charmingly illustrated, guide to the history, health benefits, and beverage varieties made possible by this humble herb.

Yes, it turns out that ginger is a herb, not a root, one of the many things you will learn in Soga’s original zine. While the bulk of it is comprised of reviews of available ginger drinks, there are also a number of cocktail recipes for you thrill-seeking mixologists out there. Recommended! (Chris Landry).