Zine Review: Yard Sale #24

ZINES_Yard-SalePerzine, Harley Rex, 785 Wolfberry Court, Oshawa, Ontario, L1K 2J2, Canada, [email protected]

Indie-pop label runner and DIY show promoter Harley Rex issues a new instalment of yearnings for love and a plan to succeed in number 24 of Yard Sale.

Two alternating themes dominate this issue: a summer friendship that Harley wishes was something more and a last- ditch attempt at school. As is apparently par for the course in Yard Sale, Harley’s twee lovesickness is as precious as it is almost doomed. In hyper-self-aware style, Harley processes his unrequited crushing, recounting special nights and moments in detail. He pines for his summer hangtime with a ladyfriend to morph into a summer fling and lays it all on the line with an intense letter. When confessed feelings lead to the cold shoulder, many of us will read this and feel for the guy.

Equally if not more relatable will be Harley’s jeremiad on finding meaningful work. Looking to translate the energy he’s poured into DIY event organization, Harley enrols in an event-planning course, only to find that it’s only tangentially related to what he’s really interested in. Add Harley’s to the chorus of voices murmuring “What the fuck am I supposed to do?” — a whole generation of would-be “adults” perpetually on the cusp of some purposeful means of subsistence, but never quite getting there because there’s so little “there” to go around. Between Harley’s dual crises in this issue, his lack of prospects beyond this event planning credential is the one crisis that drives him to genuinely desperate reflection. And he comes up with a big fat question mark.

Nevertheless, Harley’s drive and commitment to making good things happen shine through. Big-hearted optimists who are going through some valleys will find someone to commiserate with in this issue of Yard Sale. (Joshua Barton)