Zine Review: SRVIV

ZINES_SRVIVCompilation zine, edited by Jonas, issue 1, PO Box 633, Chicago IL, 60690 USA, 2$

What gets you out of bed in the morning? This is the question Jonas (author of Cheer the Eff Up) asked fellow zinesters, and SRVIV is the compilation of their answers.

If you’re into the perzine scene, you’ll find familiar names in here like those of Cindy Crabb, Tomas Moniz, Taryn Hipp and a dozen or so others. This zine is hefty on content, and includes short essays and poems.

Although some submissions are darker than others, hope is the common thread that weaves SRVIV together. Indeed, whether it’s a pet, a child, a meaningful project or simply the joy of a fresh cup of coffee, the authors agree that there is always a reason to get out of bed. Pick up SRVIV if you’re looking for some inspiration!

As an added bonus: all proceeds from this zine will be donated to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Order a copy directly from Jonas, or from Pioneer Press Distro. (Maxime Brunet)