Zine Review: Resist

ZINES_Resist-47Zine, Mat Resist, issue 47, resistinstrumentworks.com, 5$

Fall is here, and I’m kicking myself for not trying to grow a plant or two over the summer… Seriously, fresh tomatoes are so much better than what you pick up at the supermarket!

After a five-year break from the zine world, Mat Resist (author of How and Why: A Do It Yourself Guide) returns with issue #47 of Resist. Mat is all about DIY skills, and this issue includes instructions on how to grow your own food, slaughter a turkey, build a washing machine bass as well as a host of bike mechanic tips. The author’s passion really shines through in his writing, and while some of these activities (namely: killing a turkey) aren’t appealing to me, I could understand why he would want to partake in them. Mat weaves stories into his tutorials, which makes them all the more engrossing to the reader.

If you’ve ever been curious about urban gardening, but were too scared to give it a shot, pick up this zine and start growing! I know I’ll be planting the seed packet included with Resist #47 once spring comes around. (Maxime Brunet)