Global Zine Report: State of the Zine 2018

We hear from zinesters of all stripes here at Broken Pencil. From teenagers making their first mini comic to designers of high-art multiples. We also get mail pouring in from all over the world, bursting with zines, prints, and letters from zine enthusiasts. It made us ask: What’s going on across the globe in the zine scene? What kind of similarities can we find in zine cultures across hemispheres, and how is each scene unique? While of course we couldn’t do a full history of every local zine scene, we interviewed local zin esters and organizers in a bunch of different corners of the planet to get a snapshot of the cultures on the ground. A State of the Zine, if you will. Click through the links below to get a glimpse at what we found in different locales!






South Africa