Cantara Christopher, the mind behind Cantaraville, believes that literary journals will ride into the future on the new wave of PDF files, and Cantaraville is out to blaze the trail. This biannual literary journal is a sprawling excursion into beautiful, straight-ahead writing. Readers will tread through lines like, “My true home is near but caged in a dream/A haunted sense of sight with no sinner seen,” in Eiseart Dunne’s The Eskimo, and get lost in John McCaffrey’s staggering descriptions in Connecting. That Cantaraville is available online and so is easily accessible lends even more promise to this journal, as it’s one that both avid readers and writers will want to delve into. If anyone doubts the pleasure of the written word is on its way out while instant messaging and emoticons take over, Cantaraville is here to erase your fears. (Liz Worth)