Various Artists, Rheostatics Tribute — The Secret Sessions

Like many music fans of a certain age in this country, I spent time as a rabid Rheostatics fan. I first saw them in 1988 at RPM in Toronto and was so smitten, I had them play my graduation prom. There followed years spent studying their unique dynamics, arguing the merits of their four distinct voices and singing along to their rousing songs. But they changed and so did I and we both moved on. They ostensibly “broke up” this past spring and the Zunior website put together a tribute album for them. For a time, these songs meant so much to me, I had to hear them again. But all I heard in the reworkings were the originals. All this collection made me want to do is dig up my old CDs because I couldn’t separate the singers from the songs (except maybe the Tim Vesley songs). Maybe, probably, that’s the point. (TD)

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