The Summer of Hate

The Summer of Hate is a Swedish punk rock ezine by fan, writer, and artist Karl Backman. At points overly ranty, it thoroughly documents the Sex Pistols’ Scandinavian appearances, among other things. There are a fair number of interviews conducted by Backman over the years, including one from 1985 with the Subhumans when Backman was only 14. The review section has a huge number of obscure Scandinavian punk rock bands, as well as names that are more recognizable (and pronounceable for us anglophones). Early punk rock fans should check The Summer of Hate out for its entertaining articles and tidbits. Backman’s salty perspectives are in themselves pretty enjoyable to read, too. (Jen Fabro) Tacky Living Ezine, This ezine is hilarious, and anyone with a sense of humour and appreciation for weird shit should have a look. From the T-shirts for sale with a Gingerbread Tenement on them, to recipes for such trailer park delicacies as Tic Tac Pie and Litterbox Cake, this ezine has all you need to become trashy and proud of it. Sections such as Travel & Leisure and Home & Garden include comical how-tos and dozens of crafts like toilet seat picture frames and wedding lighters. Other amusing bits and pieces include a list of spam email titles and band names, which the creators of the site challenge you to differentiate between. Tacky Living is a glorious celebration of all things tasteless. (Jen Fabro)