Innes Wilson, ha

If you like your folk spiced with baroque lashings of Christian heavy metal, then Innes Wilson is your man. His weird musings on heavily caffeinated trips around town (Long Legs), children tormented by vengeful religious visions (Prophecy), and the Apocalypse (With Arch Angels, Part 2) skip easily between past and present, creating a strange new musical world in the process. The songs on this album all share a slightly freaky edge; Wilson is not afraid to employ strong religious imagery when necessary. Hence, his songs are rife with reference to bloody seas, bloody swords and bloody religious cults. All in all, these songs took me back to growing up in small-town Ontario, where God reigned supreme in all facets of life. From the bowling alley, to the public school PA system, to the playground, you were constantly reminded that you were going to hell if you didn’t repent. Good times, good times. (KB)

CD, Out of Sound Records,