Book Review: Stroppy

Book Review: Poetry is Useless

Book Review: Pablo & Jane And The Hot Air Contraption

Book Review: Killing and Dying

Book Review: Junction

Book Review: Sideshow Concessions

Book Review: Fantasy

Chapbook Review: Understander

Book Review: The Well-Dressed Wound

Book Review: Don’t Cry Wolfman Chicago

Chapbook Review: Simplified Holy Passage

Chapbook Review: Conditional

Zine Review: Let Go

Zine Review: Unproductive #3

Zine Review: The Toronto Comic Jam Compilation

Chapbook Review: Thirteen Ways to Look at CanLit

Zine Review: Poems for a Young Thug

Zine Review: Pack Mentality

Zine Review: One Day in Tokyo

Zine Review: Nosebleed Comics

Chapbook Review: Poetry Lives Here

Zine Review: I Feel Amazing

Zine Review: Overgrowth

Zine Review: Crash Comics

Zine Review: The Constant Smile

Issue #70

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