Zine Review: One Day in Tokyo

ZINES_One-Day-in-TokyoOne Day in Tokyo
Artzine, Justine Wong, 16 pages, patternsandportraits.com, $10

Is that a teddy bear head donut?! This charming little zine would fit perfectly in the back pocket of your jeans as you navigate the sights, streets, smells and sweets of Tokyo. Do not be mistaken — this zine is not a guide. Instead, pretend it’s your new imaginary friend that has a loosely mapped-out day centred around tasting the creative dishes of the city.

The premise of this zine came from Justine’s Kickstarter project titled 21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Guide to Japanese Cuisine, where she is creating 100 different paintings featuring some of the foods she has had the chance to taste. There is a balance of both cartoon and realistic watercolour illustration that suits the zine, showcasing the lax but delicate nuances of Japanese cuisine. Justine is a wonderfully talented artist, and her watercolour artwork is pleasing both to the eyes and stomach, even in black and white.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Justine’s artwork, follow @patternsandportraits on various social media platforms. I once did a 24-hour walk about in Berlin, Germany and I wish on that bright star that I could have accessed a One Day in Berlin version of One Day in Tokyo. If you like the prospect of daydreaming a day away in Tokyo, this zine will be as necessary as your passport. (KK Taylor)