Zine Review: Crash Comics

ZINES_Crash-ComicsCrash Comics
Comic, Kat Verhoeven, [email protected], Verwho? Comics, $5

Kat Verhoeven has assembled a beautiful risographed zine which quickly introduces the reader to paper, copying, binding, folding, tools, digital editing, and more. There’s enough here to get any curious newbie crackin’, and Kat has also included sources where one can seek more in-depth explorations of the medium. It’s actually pretty perfect. It would be wrong not to mention how good this looks, independently of its use as a resource. Kat is clearly a veteran and has taken the time to make this a truly worthy piece of art in its own right: the use of the risograph colours, the lettering, the drawings, and the layout are awesome. So if you’re racking your brain about how to approach the subject with a young one in your life, or heck, even if that doesn’t scare you at all and you just want a pro’s help with the conversation, look no further. (Stéphane Doucet)