Zine Review: Nosebleed Comics

ZINES_Nosebleed-Comics-2Nosebleed Comics
Comics, issue #2, [email protected], $4

For fans of edgy humour, Nosebleed Comics is an absolute necessity. With a very clear “FOR ADULTS” warning on the front of the comic, it is substantial and lengthy enough to feel satisfying, but is still a quick and funny read that is definitely not suited for children.

Nosebleed Comics has a no-holds-barred mentality that will shock laughs out of a few readers (such as a scene where a baby is being baptized but quickly transform into a demonic entity), but still remains palatable because it’s not aggressive or mean-spirited in its pursuit of bad taste. The drawings and text are sparse but they work well with the crude and rude tone of the zine, and effectively tell stories about subject matter like people falling down stairs and grandmother’s getting spikes through their head with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. If you’re a fan of John Waters’ films, Nosebleed will ensure guaranteed giggles. (Richelle Charkot)