Zine Review: Let Go

ZINES_Let-GoLet Go
Artzine, Marta Chudolinska, Private Spectacle Press, $7

Let me begin by saying that this zine is straight up beautiful. It approaches you softly, welcoming you inside. Chudolinska creates a variety of searing metaphors for our inability to move forward, with both text and imagery; falling deep into a hole, holding a collection of balloons in each hand, fresh greenery and optimism, the passing along of skeletons and hearts and circles and… just go pick this zine up.

The pages are wee and the lines are clean, each paragraph of text held up by a black and white image. In the end the protagonist releases all of the balloons. You know you are holding on to so much more than you need to right now, she says. Do not despair (for long). You, too, are strong. (CJ Blennerhassett)