Zine Review: I Feel Amazing

ZINES_I-Feel-AmazingI Feel Amazing
Artzine, Marne Grahlman, marnegrahlman.tictail.com, $2

I Feel Amazing is a very short illustrated ‘self-help’ book that mocks all of the cliched bits of advice that everyone has heard ad nauseam whenever they feel a little blue. Although they’re all amusing, the stand out page is definitely “Fake it till you make it!” which features an exhausted looking character holding up a cartoonish smile to his face. There is not a lot of text in this zine apart from the cheesy chestnuts on each page, such as: “Look on the bright side”. However, these sentiments feel purposeful because the text is as unimportant as the statements it mocks.

The illustrations, however, are what makes I Feel Amazing so magnetic and relatable; instantly on the front cover the tone is set, with the drawing of the girl who has gaping bags under her eyes and is pulling at her face in an exasperated sigh. I Feel Amazing has a funny idea that most audiences will understand whole-heartedly, so the only disappointment here is that it is so short. (Richelle Charkot)