Alternative Press Review

Vol. 3 #2, magazine, 68 pages, $5.50, AJLL
Press POB 4710, Arlington VA 22204-4710

Fighting the powers that be with reprinted articles about journalistic censorship, micropower radio and interstellar nuclear power. A couple of those topics might be of interest to Broken Pencil readers. This self-professed “radical periodical” is dedicated to exposing the hidden agendas of the mainstream media and promoting the freeing aspects of alternative media. Sounds right up our alley. Revealing the Right’s wrongs if not actually righting them. There is an inspirational reality check in an interview with Al “Grandpa Munster” Lewis who proves himself to be a leftfield left-winger with his fascinating personal history of labour rights and radical movements in America. All this plus listings and reviews of other alternative zines! (TD)

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