Eirik Goes to Jail

zine, 70pgs, $3 (US), PO Box 1467, Chico, CA, 95927-1467

Right off the top you should know that I didn’t read the whole thing. Something about the subject matter put me off just enough to not want to commit the hour or two that this would have needed. A tome, I tell you. Here’s the gist: a bizarre set of circumstances found himself pleading guilty to “molesting a minor.” And whatcha get is a record of the 60 days served in Jail, plus of course how he got there. I haven’t emphasized that he maintains his innocence; but he does, though this is clearly not the purpose of the zine. Just the same way that you feel conflicted about reading this – what if he were guilty? – he seems to being trying to eek some meaning beyond the good and evil aspect of this, and find something truer to understand about living with this flawed mess. (HC)

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