zine, # 2 3 , $ 2, Jen Angel, P.O. Box 353, Mentor, Ohio, 44061, USA [email protected]

Jen Angel of “Maximum Rock’n’Roll” and “The Zine Yearbook” fame brings us ish 23 of her own zine, Fucktooth. She gives us the ins and outs of her departure from M’n’M (she was treated badly). She theorizes about long-term relationships. She lets you know what else she’s up to these days. I also learned some stuff from her “50 Ways to Be Punk” series, a description of the lives of punks who have inspired her. This somewhat wordy series of articles formed the bulk of the zine, and were hit and miss for me in terms of interest level. It’s been going on since # 20, and she’s only at the sixteenth way to be punk. (EPW)

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