zine, # 7 , 3 6 pgs, US$3, Ian C. Stewart, PO Box 3488 Dublin, OH 43016-0241 USA‚Ä®

I’m reluctant to praise any music zine that is comprised almost entirely of reviews, but I have to admit that this one is the real shit! Besides being possessed of exquisite taste, editor Ian Stewart is also a damn fine writer with a sense of humour and keen outrage. Check out the introductory page of teeny-type rants against cat owners, American tourists, golf and cell phones, and then wander through a pair of interview profiles with Ray Carmen and Ken Clinger. Neither artist is exactly a household name, but they’re just primer for the tonnage of obscure music reviews, most of which are independent cassette releases and all of which are written with passion and gusto. (DF)

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