Muuna Takeena

zine review, #5, 18 pages, Suomeen 10.- or trade or some chocolate from your country, Talvipdivdnseisaus Prod., Timo Palonen, Hepokuja 6B26, FIN-01200 VANTAA, Finland <[email protected]>

Ja lujaa jatkoa saame! I don’t know what that means! I copied it from one of the foreign language reviews in this survey of the planet. Crazy Scandinavian kids provide sharp (sometimes nasty), off the cuff judgments on their peers. Mostly they cover English publications, butthere’s an insert that goes multilingual. Croatia, Malaysia, even Canada gets repped. BP gets noted. Reviewers pull no punches. Be warned; they are hard on sloppy layout, but gracious with death metal. Don’t let that stop you though. Suositelen! (TD)

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