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I got nostalgic reading this one. Heck, with an essay titled, “When I Was A Kid,” how can you not yourself think back and wonder what life was like when you were a kid? Exactly. If had
a step-brother named Frank, I’d go fishing once more for old times sake. All this and the eternal mystery of time! Really? Certainly. In “Meditations” he first wonders of the wonders, then goes on to an inmate time, and all to show that he’s the victim here! I don’t want to spoil the ending (You ask: was it written for a philosophy class? I say: right you are!), but I can mumble crap…or, rather, forget about the smelling salts, smelly! Get the picture? This is old style cut and paste, just post-high school revery kinda zining, a la USA. And not a thing about Ninetendo or marching bands, even in the piece about Arkansas. (HC)

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