Bust Magazine’s Girl-Tested, Girl-Approved Travel Guide

A flock of hipster, upwardly-mobile feminists seem to have swarmed Bust Magazine’s travel site over the last couple years, and all of them left entries about the fun things to do in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Toronto… The site’s jam-packed and definitely worth checking out, but beware the chaos! Finding out what you need to know by reading through dozens and dozens of entries is not particularly elegant or fast. It’s a lot like sifting through a big pile of apples in order to find the ripe and juicy ones. But if you take the time to do it, the end result is that you leave the site with plenty of fruit for your next trip to USA (also a smattering of entries for cities in Canada and abroad). It’s a giant collection of anonymous entries written by people who either know a particular city well or have just returned from a particularly exciting vacation. Information on the site is organized by region, and informally focuses around how to find the best bookstores, hip neighbourhoods, good cafes, cheap accommodations, vegetarian restaurants, trendy clothing stores, girl-friendly/queer-positive entertainment, sex shops and other exciting locales. Pretty much everything that a girl could ever want to know is there, offered up for free. Come to think of it, maybe the editors of Bust will write a travel guide next. Hmmm… (EPW)


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