Terminal City

As far as I can make out – and I’m still new to this cybersurfing so I always expect to be wrong – this here ezine is a global collection (though Canada-based and centric with a slight left coast bias) of freelancing writers who are carving some space out for themselves to be as witty and honest as possible while writing about the same topics we read about in the dailies and the weeklies. So, instead of crafting articles to sound like press releases, the writer can be honest and pull back the curtain to reveal marketing mechanisms, crappy complimentary food and the real point of the whole endeavour: free booze. But that’s just the first piece I read. There’s some movie reviews and bits on politics; things I can’t even be bothered to make up my own opinion about, let alone absorb someone else’s. Sure I’ll write about the culture at large but I don’t want to read my peers on the culture at large. No, that’s not true. I don’t want to read just anyone. I’ll be selective. Terminal City isn’t too selective. Sure they edit, but from what I understand, they take on all comers, which is not to say it’s awash in dumbed down zine-blather. These people are professionals and intelligent and have something to say. You just need to decide how many different perspectives on the world you really want to soak up. It’s a quarter to three in the morning and I’ve reached my limit. (TD)


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