I Have A Secret

Wanna hear a secret? I hate ezines. Not this one in particular. This one is nice. There are many, many stories, features on breakdancing girls and modern dancers, lots of photos (and it’s a good thing that I have a high-speed internet hook-up or I’d be a hell of a lot more hateful) of the webmistress and her cyber-gothy friends. I think they have a zine called “Moxie.” The reason why I hate ezines and why I don’t know for sure who is responsible for this one is because ezines are endless. Every issue that ever existed, every photo ever downloaded, every link there is to be linked is there for your perusable pleasure. Some people like this about the superinformation superhighway. Some people think Borges’ Library of Babel is a happy story. Some people have lots of time on their hands. Some people get sucked into linked after link, fascinated by all the different subsections of text, intrigued by the possibility of the next photo to be scrolled. Some people don’t ever get enough sleep. I wish I wasn’t one of those people but I’m trapped by my obsessions. It’s a good thing for you I don’t know HTML or I’d have my beauty tips and webcam and chat groups beamed right into your house. And then there would be no more secrets between us. (TD)


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