Damp Laundry

Damp Laundry is a cutesy wutesy comic about a girl (author) and a boy named Bill. The illustrations are heavily noted, which makes it even more fun. Bill starts a sign company in a big factory. At first she doesn’t have a green card. She gets a job teaching High School English and isn’t aloud to wear pants (she has to wear long skirts and long sleeves) In her apartment, she wears big pants and dances. It’s silly. It’s fun. Then Bill and her move to Texas on account of the fact he got a job there, at a museum. She works at the gift shop and it isn’t good. She and Bill do lots of fun stuff: “Doing the dumbest stuff was fun because we were stuck together like gummi bears.” Delfina’s zine is swell, because she doesn’t care if we think it’s stupid even when she discovers her favourite band is Green Day and isn’t sure how we’ll react. “Okay, so it was Green Day. Yeah? So? You got something to say?” The story gets serious towards the end. This is book two of the series. So it’s not quite over. I’m waiting. (NGM)

comic zine, #3, July 2000, Delfina V., 30 Third Ave., #909 Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA, [email protected]

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