Straight Goods

Where did all the NDP folks take off to recently? The Internet. They’re alive and kicking out articles on tough topics via the regularly-updated Canadian alt political website, Straight Goods. If this baby were to make the jump to a print edition, it would fill a similar niche to the New Internationalist or Alternatives. Straight Goods has high hopes: “to help you save money, protect your rights and untangle spin with investigative reports, features, forums, archives, and links to many others who share our values.” The power-houses behind Straight Goods are Killaloe Ontario’s Ish Theilheimer (Publisher), North York’s Susan Sperling (Consulting Editor) and author of Lost in the Suburbs: A Political Travelogue, Stephen Dale (Consulting Editor). There’s some pretty good content. Writer Linda McQuaig’s article which postulates that “The difference between the [National] Post and the Alliance is that the Alliance actually had to face the voters.” Pat Daley has written a witty diatribe about how nothing takes the fun out of the holiday season quite like the barrage of television commercials that remind you Christmas is all about spending money. And pollster Marc Zwelling analyzes what Canadians were really saying when they snubbed the NDP and elected all those Liberals. (EPW)

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