Cute vaginal adventure zine takes the fear out of the smear

Do You Have A Cervix?

Comic, Tina Chu, 16 pgs,, @madcrush_

There is one absolutely dreadful thing that people with vaginas can firmly agree on: pap smear tests are one of the most invasive and uncomfortable experiences of our lives. This comic leads the reader through an educational story of what to expect during their first cervical exam.

This zine is written from the perspective of a cartoon character that somewhat resembles a tooth. No name, no apparent gender or age, just a lovely shape addressing the reader.

Do You Have A Cervix? features full colour drawings of the little friend showing everything about vaginal anatomy. There are extremely accurate depictions of the uterus and cervix from all sorts of different angles. The images of the reproductive system are so well done, I’m almost convinced the creator’s might also literally be a gynecologist.

The main purpose of this zine is to educate readers about the importance of cervical exams, acknowledge the collective fears of the medical industry, and addressing those who are “21-65 and sexually active” to get a pap test, for Pete’s sake. The lead character shows you basically everything you need to know about going to the gynecologist including the tools used and what the purpose of the test is. They even list out the steps of what to expect by writing, “1st, undress. 2nd, get on that exam table. 3rd, shift to position yourself.”

I really enjoyed reading this zine and I’m genuinely surprised at how much I learned about my own body. If you’re a person with a cervix, this zine just may convince you to book that pap smear that you’ve been secretly dreading.