One kid’s gender trouble in ‘A Conversation About God (And Rambo)’

A Conversation About God (And Rambo)

Comic, Julianna Cox, 12 pgs, Cat Brain Press,, @CatBrain_Press, $4

This cute little black and white zine is the story of a childhood experience and the lessons it contains, a lighthearted read that touches on deeper issues of religion, gender conformity and… Rambo!

It’s written from the perspective of an outsider looking in on Cox’s childhood as she learns about her gender. It’s difficult to write a synopsis of a short zine without giving away the entire story, but basically it involves Cox and her childhood babysitter arguing over how to style her hair. Her babysitter obviously wants to keep it girly, but Cox has a different style in mind, the macho tresses of the inimitable ‘80s action hero, Rambo! The comic then navigates to a conversation about God, thus fulfilling both of its titular anchors.

A Conversation About God (And Rambo) is definitely a thoughtful and reflective comic. It didn’t change my life, but it may be worth exploring for those who have experienced similar confusion and frustration around social norms and conditioning. Cox’s story would likely resonate with those who have questioned their gender, sexuality, or any part of social nonconformity.