Disrupt the office doldrums with this zine ode to data entry jobs

Everything Is Accounted For: My Adventures in Data Entry

Artzine, Pluto Rose, 16 pgs,
godlovesgoth.storenvycom, $8.50

Many of us have worked boring office jobs with next to no stimulation. Pluto Rose worked an entry-level accounting job in 2016 and as a result created Everything is Accounted For. The first thing you’ll notice about this zine is how impeccably put together it is. From the font choices to the glossy finish paper, it’s beautiful. Rose truly has an eye for design. The one tricky part is the text can be highly saturated and that makes it hard to read.

The pages collect doodles, notes, and calculations by Rose, composed while wasting time at their desk. There’s some recurring pieces, like small self-portraits of Rose expressing frustration like “fuck purolator” and “i think my soul is dying.”

These are definitely feelings anyone sitting at a desk job understands. Having just finished one myself I think 99% of my thoughts were about how out of place and lost I felt there. There are also these beautiful swirling, intricate orb-like pieces of line art spanning multiple pages. They are reminiscent of a shell, and are quite lovely to stare at, searching out the end or beginning of the lines.

Everything is Accounted For is beautiful, fun and does a wonderful job of expressing the dreariness of desk jobs. A great addition to any current or former desk jockey craving some solidarity or a laugh.