Gypsy Wagon

When flipping through Krystin ClarkGoodsell’s (the creator and publisher) mantra manual, you first think that the handwritten aphorisms, scribbled stars bordering the pages and scenes of naked women dancing are obscure and disorganized. Inside are slightly edited scattered thoughts, collages with vag-abond-ish tendencies, a hot-pink centrefold with the “Wheel of Life” pasted onto some text, and much, much more. This zine-ette is made to inspire us with words that we tend to associate as cliché. However, it’s a genuine piece of work straight from her heart which, today, can be a rare thing. The point of the zine is what its title suggests: it’s a wagon filled with collected knick-knack sayings that may have no use for anyone, but to serve as the creator’s sentimental mementos of her life. It’s as authentic as a tickle trunk in a 1960s Volkswagen. (Brit Weaver)

Zine, Krystin Clark-Goodsell, PO Box 383, Harrison Hot Springs BC, V0M 1KO,, $8.99