The Molotov Rag

On account of its name, The Molotov Rag “Let it All Out” (Issue #4) would have you thinking this was really a place for venting — but don’t be fooled. The articles enclosed are all well thought-out and even academic. This small, volunteer-run zine is modest, but packs a mean punch with its thematic, focused content and documentary style graphics.

The Rag is full of personal memoirs and non-fiction essays documenting diverse activist campaigns and featuring writing on a number of controversial issues. For instance, “Seeing the Forest for the Trees, The Land Occupation at Hanlon Creek” takes a feminist angle on the issue of ecoexploitation, drawing parallels between the liberation of the Earth and of the woman. “Food Not Bombs, getting back to the basics” sheds light on the problem of maintaining a focused vision in the face of rapid activist turnover.

Each writer takes a realistic look at his/ her own activist experience, and refuses to shy away from the occasional weakness of these efforts. The Molotov Rag offers many cautionary tales on the ways in which some rights may be stepped on in the process of excitedly defending others. There is a sincere effort made to raise discussion on such important ideas as consensus, growth and development. (Terra Borody)