Although the monster in this illustrated mini-mag is not as hairy or slimy as the ones under my childhood mattress, the cartoon vignettes the beast finds itself in can be frightening: saddled into a fighter plane blasting a UFO, strapped to a Titanic-esque ship that glides past a penguin seated on a floating ice chunk, or dangling fresh from its skull on a rear view mirror of a convertible, top down. Its amusing crocaroo (crocodile + kangaroo) body type throws hilarity into our historic (sur)realities. Not only do the vignettes make you question who the real monsters could be, but it also has instructions on how to draw one (which means now you can scribble in where your own monsters hide). (Brit Weaver)

Comic Zine, Nick Lisica, PO Box 7462, Spreckles CA, USA, 93962, ohnoamonster.com, $4.50 USD