OW! Other Wo/man Zine

Compilation zines can be so hit and miss, but OW! is a hit. The zine is a collection of creative writing (including short scripts, journal entries, and excerpts from a memoir) all loosely based around the idea of “The Other Woman” (or man). Some of the pieces are very angry and powerful, some are light and fun, while still others are vague and open to interpretation. I was surprised by some contributors’ decisions, such as one interpretation of the other woman as nature/a mountain.

Not only does this zine serve as a great space for sharing ideas and reflections around a compelling and open theme, it is really beautifully put together. There are some typewritten pages, some hand written, really great photos, and even a glued in note that unfolds into a full-page letter. I LOVE zines that can’t just be re-photocopied without missing all the extras. Congratulations to Sarah and Emily for editing a great zine. I hope to see more from them soon! (Samantha Trees)

Zine, Sarah & Emily, [email protected]