What strikes me about Loserdom, off the bat, is how jam packed it is. Issue 20 opens with a scene-report listing radical things going on in Ireland. This issue included a write up about a recently disbanded Kidd Blunt (though I would have appreciated more info about the band’s sound/influences/genre, as I had never heard them before), as well as news about Seomra Spraoi, Dublin’s Social Centre and home to the Forgotten Zine Library. In an illustrated piece about the food coop the author works at, a debate regarding boycotting Israeli food products is detailed including the author’s perspective as well as reflections of coworkers. With lots of articles about radical spaces and events happening in Europe, a strictly 7″ record review section, as well as a great selection of zine reviews, Loserdom is a solid zine that is definitely worth checking out. (Samantha Trees)

Zine, #20, Auto, [email protected], loserdomzine.com, $4