The East Village Inky

At first glance, I was afraid to open The East Village Inky. With its postcard sized black and white pages, haphazard text and miniature cartoons, this zine resembles something made by an artsy high school kid. I half expected it to be chock-full of bad poetry. That said The East Village Inky is an unsuspecting and hilarious gem.

On her website, Ayun admits that she produces her zine by hand as a result of techno-phobia. Whatever the reason, the amateur quality adds a sense of irony to her work, which, one quickly realizes, is superior in wit and thoughtfulness.

This, the 44th issue, includes a very revealing six step guide on “how to become a writer without sticking your head in the oven” and a hilarious look at the merits of the documentary Babies from a mother’s point of view. Halliday spares little in her rants and her quirky honesty makes this zine an easy read.

In its presentation, I would agree with past BP reviewer Sara Forsyth that the super-busy pages and chaotic text of this zine often distracts and detracts from the quality content. (Terra Borody)

Perzine, #44, Ayun Halliday, PO Box 22754, Brooklyn NY 11202, USA, [email protected], US$3