The Metamorphosis of Miss Badass Peacock & Kizzy

One issue of this zine has a sort of preface with a part that starts of with “Ha! Ha! Ha! Five years later and I still can’t write a simple cohesive story!” I’ve got to give the author credit for at least being honest.

As best as I can tell, The Metamorphosis of Miss Badass Peacock & Kizzy is a collection of (very) short stories in script form, some of the author’s musings on various subjects from video games to rants on the latest Michael Bay Transformers movie. Other bits and pieces of narration are also present on random pages of the zines and I had a tough time figuring out where they fit, if at all, with the rest of the stories.

Despite the scatter-brained disorganization, these zines do have entertaining and amusing parts. Most of the stories involve the titular Kizzy and another character named Bailey (maybe Miss Badass Peacock’s alias or real name, I could never figure that out). The two characters are quirky and weird, sometimes childish, more often vulgar, but they do have an unusual yet undeniable charm to them.

On a random note: I think that the cover illustrations are amazingly cute. (Terry Harjanto)