I Love Cats

Zine, Kristen Cheung, kcpop.ca

“I Love Cats” is part of an ongoing project to create analog versions of digital culture. This is a really interesting idea and I’m intrigued at the prospect of creating physical objects documenting something as ephemeral as internet memes.
This issue is based on an online dating video produced by a woman named Debby who really, really, really loves cats. A LOT. She gets choked up at how much she loves them in baskets and bow ties and she wants to hug every cat in the world. I can kind of relate! I have a “Cats Wearing Hats” calendar hanging in my kitchen.
The zine looks somewhat slapdash, but I still really enjoyed it. Each page has a few lines from the video and quick illustrations of cats, including ones with internet fame like Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat and that one who swats at a pit bull while riding around on a Roomba. (Mary Green)

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