Polyhedron Burst

Mini-Comic, Litzine, Christopher Green,  issue 1, wallofalloons.com

Alaskan comic artist Christopher Green  comes from the same warped headspace  as Dr. Seuss. This is what we’d get if The  Lorax was a mini-comic full of slimy,  tentacled creatures, pig-faced cows  milked on back and belly and lanky,  bare-spined giants holding up the sky.  Polyhedron Burst pairs the cute and the  grotesque in prints from ink and what  looks to be watercolor, with humanoids  and smiling otherworldly creatures  cohabiting some bizarre, unsettling  fantasy.  Each of Green’s prints has its own  short, mysterious story. Each could be  its own world, or a piece of some bigger  world yet to be knit together. Take the  cave dwelling carpenter with rabbit ears  and a chicken face, skewered by the  straw of some massive platypus monster  lurking beneath the cave waters: “My  boat was stolen. I will not finish this cart  on time. But I have peace for I am here.  Here in my workshop, my temple, I feel  God.” These surreal and sometimes too- brief narratives left me confused in  some cases and wanting more in others.  Either way, I’ll recommend this for the  sake of the art; each tiny print had me  staring and wondering at these adorable,  gross and fascinating scenes long after  I’d finished reading. (Joshua Barton)

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