Post Modern Mini Comics

 Comic, Colin Upton, #223-440 East 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC,  V5T 1N5, [email protected], $0.75

There are umpteen “Colin Upton  Comics” out there, it seems. Dude  doesn’t stop. It’s impressive that most  of the author’s experiences seem to be  constantly emerging from the tip of his  drawing pencil.  While documenting minutiae (buying  discount bagels, riding the bus, poking in  the toilet for a stool sample), the comics  become charming pieces of minutiae  themselves.  In this installment, the  author illustrates a harrowing day spent  shoeless in the city, limping along wet  sidewalks in disintegrating socks after  blisters force him to remove a pair of  too-stiff boots.  The style is readable and well rendered  and I can’t help but smile at the eternally  dour look on the Upton-character’s face.  “All I know is whatever small joy I feel in  life is punished with 10 times the pain,”  he muses, his Achilles tendons bleeding  as he squishes home in the rain. The author charges just 75 cents  for his wonderfully drawn comic installments. Yes, you’d actually get  change back from a dollar. Now that’s  some humble ziney goodness. If you  send for one, you might as well send for  a bunch. (Danielle Patrick)

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