T-shirt Tan

Art Zine, Stefan Toshef & Katie So,  stefantoshef.com

This art zine is a split right down the  middle; one half holds Katie So’s work  while the other holds Stefan Toshef’s.  Both are talented BC-based illustrators  with very different styles. Stefan’s  comic-style work is certainly dynamic  with very gripping imagery. Katie’s work  is simplified and polished, saying a lot  in only few lines. Putting together such  different styles in the same zine is an  interesting tactic, however in this case it  may not have translated so well. I felt I  didn’t get enough of either artist. There  was also a lack of clarity in defining  which illustrations were which. Upon  investigating Toshef and So’s websites it  became obvious which style was which,  but without clear labels I felt like I didn’t  really get to know either one. They  both have some serious artistic chops,  though, and if you want to see work by  these two check out their websites for  more. (Ryan Eastman)

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