Tender Buttons

Zine, Ellie Anglin, 1604 Dundas Street W., Apt. 3,  Toronto, ON, M6K 1T8, $12 (+ postage)

Here we have a full-colour tribute to  a button collection the narrator holds  sacred. The cut and pasted words dance  over flowery collages of buttons and  images evoking bursting pride, a sense  of solitude, the anguish of heartbreak,  and even riffs on God, Richard Nixon,  and Gertrude Stein (how is it that I  have two zines that reference Gertrude  Stein in one month?). This quarter- sized zine is so thick with buttons  (well, pages) that you can barely close it.  Anglin creates colourful worlds, ironic  associations and dreamy assemblages  with a consistent interaction between  image and text throughout. In the same  way an overtly protective collector  obsessively lords over every aspect  of their collection, each page here is  organized with great care. Anyone who  ever displaced pain onto objects, who  took shelter in an eccentric hobby, or  who just had to be alone for a bit might  see a bit of themselves in here.  This mischievous zine is too  disheartening to be a joke, too funny to  be taken literally, and a good amount of  strange. If Joanna Newsom’s music was  a zine it might be Tender Buttons. (Chris  Landry)

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