In Situ no.2

Comic, Sophie Yanow, Colosse / Export,, $5  

When I opened my package of zines  from  Broken Pencil, oddly enough, a  half naked image of an old friend who  moved to Montreal stared back at  me. For this reason, and many others,  Sophie Yanow’s stories hit close to  home and parallel my own Montreal  experience during the summer of 2011: a  summer of bikes, doom metal and punk  shows (possibly at  Death Church, the  residence, venue, skill share open space)  social justice activism and couch surfing  all over town. One thing I particularly liked about In  Situ no. 2 was Sophie’s capacity to  capture the atmosphere, mood and  phrasing that encompass a moment.  In the comic 01.21.12 where she and her  partner N lay in bed, they have a sudden  impulse to listen to Joni Mitchell. Upon  hearing Joni’s phallically suggestive  phrasing of the length of a  River, N  says, “what is this self-made lesbian  hell?” I felt a pang nostalgia, realizing  Sophie had perfectly captured their  infections and tone in written script  and visual expression. Sophie has a  skill for capturing the mannerisms of  people, while maintaining a minimalist  nuanced style. In Situ is a fitting title for this comic  zine series; her recollections are raw  and emotionally expressive, offering an  insightfully voyeuristic perspective into  her everyday anxieties, relationships,  hobbies and habits. (Andrew Melanson)

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